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County Voting Map

>> Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hannity was showing this map tonight.

This is how the voting went county by county across the country. Click on the map above and select your state in the list titled appropriately enough "Select a State" to see the results of your state. Here's Iowa'a breakdown.

Jody just pointed out something. Take a look at the Mississippi River Valley, especially Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, and Mississippi. A river of blue in several red states.

I think Illinois is interesting. It went for Kerry, but most of the counties are red.


Divapalooza 10:34 AM  

I am proud to say that there isn't not a single speck of blue in my state. lol :) I wonder if OBL will take into account the blue inside the other states? If OBL is a man of his word (NOT!) then that means my state will be one of the first hit.

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