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Anything sweeter?

>> Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Is there anything sweeter than a baby? Currently Brenna is curled up against me, feet & tushy in my lap, head nestled between my breasts, sleeping. Only seconds ago she was awake. Every once in a while she'll readjust and I'll pet her soft hair until she finds a comfy spot and her fingers to suck and closes her eyes. This, of course, makes typing slightly more difficult, not to mention time consuming. But this soft, warm little body, fresh & clean from her bath, fits so perfectly against me that I don't want to put her down.

I removed the bandages from my incision today. I must say that the surgeon did a very nice job. When the scar fades a bit it won't even be noticeable. Very fortunate as I have a tendancy to be a bit vain. This "new body" I have is taking quite a bit of getting used to. I hope to be back in my jeans by Thanksgiving. Maternity clothes are too big, but my regular clothes are still too small. I really don't want to buy clothes that I plan to be out of in 2 weeks, so I look sloppy. I hate looking sloppy. Doug says I "look like a mom". That's not a compliment, is it?

Well, the princess is awake & she seems hungry. I'm off....


Doug H 6:44 PM  

The only thing sweeter is when Brenna is curled up on me!

Bou 9:01 PM  

Oh I so miss that. Enjoy.

Brass Pear 9:50 AM  

'looks like a mom' is indeed a compliment.

Take it as such.

Jen H 2:07 PM  

It took nine months to have that beautiful baby, and your body won't go 'back to normal' overnight. Take good care of yourself and Brenna (oh, Doug too) and you will see the results.

Matt 12:47 PM  

Looking like a mom is definitely a compliment. I am typing this with one hand because I have a snuggly little one on my lap. Nothing is sweeter.

PractiGal 3:19 PM  

Looking like a Mom is definitely a compliment. And that scar - a badge of courage! (as my hubby says)

I hit a consignment shop after my baby & got a couple pairs of cheap pants I could wear out of the house, in between maternity & regular clothes. Enjoy your precious, sweet miracle!

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