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HaloScan Comments

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I like the HaloScan comments on other sites, so I thought I would try it out here as well. That's why you see two lines of comments.

The first line (to the right of the post author and time) are links to HaloScan comments (marked with HS). On the second line are the links to the Blogger style comments (marked with Blogger).

If enough people like the HaloScan version, I can get all of the old Blogger comments moved over so nothing is lost.

Please use this post to let me know if you like the HaloScan comments, would like me to try another commenting service or would like me to leave the Blogger comments.

Which commenting service do you like best?
HaloScan (HS)
Blogger basic (Blogger)
Other - be sure to tell me in the comments section


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ric ottaiano 1:07 PM  

Doug: how do I set up those right-hand column categories you have? I've been goofing around with my template and I've only made maters worse. Ric

Doug Halsted 2:04 PM  

Ric, here's what I did in the links section. (MS Word document) Let me know if this doesn't answer your questions.

Doug Halsted 2:07 PM  

Okay the link to a Word document doesn't work in the Blogger redirect. Copy the URL into your browser...


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