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More liberal myths put to rest

>> Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Response to Liberal Jackasses. What more needs to be said?

First, I pulled up the top 100 most populated cities in the United States (Wouldn’t want to include any backwoods or rural areas who voted for a “chimp”). I then went to the registrar of voters for each city to determine their final voting results (Yes, I worked on this all day). Out of the top 100, believe it or not 50 voted for Bush and 50 voted for Kerry. Then I decided to pull statistical data on the top 10 cities that voted for each to define each city. First, I looked at population movement. The average Kerry city had an increase of just over 6000 residents, while the average Bush city had almost 36000 happy new residents. I also looked at a wide range of other factors including annual precipitation, sales tax rate, property tax per $1000, Student Teacher Ratio, average college graduation rate and median household income. Additionally, based on a Index rate formula with 100 representing the average U.S city, I looked at Air Pollution, Personal Crime Risk, and cost of living. Here are the results.

Go there and look at the results.

Can't wait? Oh, okay, here's the money quote:
While the average Kerry city had a higher median income ($43440 vs. $40655), the cost of living was significantly higher (134.84 to 105.07), crime was much worse (276.5 to 181.5), air pollution was worse (108.4 to 94.3), it rained more (35.47 to 29.08), and property taxes (with the exception of Oklahoma City) were higher. Not only that, violent crimes per 100,000, murder per 100,000, property prices, % single mothers, number of homeless, % of renters, % commute time, and avg. lifespan were also worse in Kerry cities.

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