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I am the plant killer...

>> Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I have 3 plants in my house. Personally, I think that is 3 plants too many. Give me an animal and watch it thrive. Give me a plant and watch it die.

Now, one of these plants is my fault. Des Moines has a wonderful outdoor farmer's market every Saturday during the summer. You can buy anything here. Amish baked goods & preserves- check. Fresh from the farm meats- check. Every veggie you can imagine- check. And, for the truly brave, you can buy your own plant from which to produce your own veggie, potporri, fruit... (insert correct word here). So, one fine Saturday when I was feeling particularly optimistic, I bought a lavendar plant. I thought it would be so nice to plant outside and bring in fresh sprigs to add a fresh scent to the house.

Well, I didn't plant it right away because of the insane rabbit population we have living under our bushes. I wanted to give this little guy a fighting chance. And I did OK when it was living outside. But now it's in for the winter. I couldn't plant it at the end of fall, it wouldn't have been able to put down deep enough roots to survive. And now it is a shrivled mass of pointy leaves. I seem to have overwatered it. Or not given it enough sun. Or both.

Plant number 2 was given to me by my dear husband. Who should have known better. It's a cyclamen. It had such pretty green leaves and pink flowers when I got it. Now it is wilted, the leaves fading to a pale, sickly green and the flowers are non-existent. So what did I do to this one? Who knows? My thumb is brown, I guess.

Plant 3, the newest plant of the bunch. This one came from the company Doug works for as congratulations on Brenna's birth. Yep, "Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, here's a plant to kill." It's some sort of viney plant, I should probably get a hanging basket for it and put it in a sunny window before I kill it off. It's still a beautiful, healthy green. Today. Tomorrow is another day.

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