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Thank God Today is Over

>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Honestly, I don't know that my day could have been more frustrating.

Doug's week is insane; we aren't really seeing him. Which puts more stress on me. Which makes me tense.

I actually went to bed at 9pm last night with every intention to be awake at 6am today. Nope. I was so exhausted, slept through my alarm and woke to the girls coming downstairs at 7.

After getting breakfast for the girls, making my breakfast, having them decide that my breakfast looked better and remaking my breakfast... I took a shower.

Out the door about 9:30am to take Caelan to school. Brenna & I drop her off, come out, get in the car and

Click, click, click...

What the?

I try again...

Click, click, click...


And again...

Click, click, click...

Crap. Crappity, crappity, crap.

I call the auto shop and tell them I can't get my car to start. Of course while I am on hold it starts. So I take it directly to the shop. Where Brenna & I spend the entire time Caelan is at school and I spend $185 to have the battery replaced. Apparently they have to practically remove the front end of my car to replace the battery. Great.

I also got a call back from the nurse at the pediatric clinic; the Dr. wanted to see Brenna as she's had a nasty rash/boil/pimple issue on her tukkis. They wanted her there at 1:30pm. It was 11:45am. Bah! Not enough time to get back home, make lunch and get to the Dr. So I took the girls to lunch at IHOP (nuthin' like pancakes to make you feel better).

And then to the Dr. Where I learned that Brenna has some sort of bacterial infection that is common but requires both a topical and oral antibiotic - to the tune of $75 that I pay in cash as it's a new year and I have a new deductible to meet.

After 5+ hours away from home and accomplishing nothing I had planned to do I sent the girls to separate rooms for quiet time and hid in my office. Where I saw that a credit card that we no longer use but still have a balance on has doubled our interest rate.

Grrr... After a tedious phone call to them I got our old interest rate back as long as I promised not to use the card again (wierd... Wouldn't they make more money from me in the long run if I pay less interest and continue to use the card?) which isn't a problem as we haven't used it since last summer.

Blah. I could go on about my day. But, seriously, if you made it to here I should give you chocolate or something.

So I'll share a happy moment... I've lost 4" from my waist. (Which I'm sure I just destroyed by eating a plate of nachos)

Ugh. Good night. May tomorrow be better.


Laine 9:49 PM  

Oh my dear friend... I hope you get a good nights sleep and awake feeling better! I will be praying for you and I had something to pass onto you, but I don't know if you'd even want to hear it.. so I will wait.. HUGS!

Anonymous 11:26 PM  

Sending my sympathies for your lousy day, yuk! Congrats on the inches, though, that's awesome!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 11:31 PM  

Ack! That is a lousy day for sure! :( I just noticed they raised our credit card too today, so I let them have it via email.

Congrats on the 4" lost! That's great! :)

Kyle Lobner 9:28 AM  

Congrats on losing four inches! I'm actually just cruising blogs while I search for excuses to head off to the gym myself...

Anonymous 10:01 AM  

sorry to hear how your day was.. it will get better. as far as being without your husband all the time you will get used to it and at least you have family in your area to help, that is far more than i had for years. congrats on the inches, if you can lose weight while under stress than you are ahead of the game!

Jill 2:11 PM  

Yeah for the -4 inches. Those durn credit cards - nothing but bad news.

Anonymous 4:46 PM  

I hope your day was better today.

The Fritz Facts 6:50 AM  

Yeah 4 inches!! Woohoo! Great job!

I hope hope hope that yesterday was a better day, and that today is even better. I hate car stuff, it drives me nuts.

Hope Brenna gets better soon!

Sally 8:53 PM  

First off...I'm so jealous about the 4"...congratulations!! It's paying off! =)

Second - stink about all the other stuff. I've been w/o internet access for almost a week (more on that on my blog later), so I'm just catching up.

Still planning that trip to buy the car down my way??

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