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I'm Tired... Maybe That's Why I'm Looking at Beds Online

>> Thursday, January 08, 2009

It’s going to be a long day. For some reason the girls were both awake at 5 am (!!) and climbed in bed with us. Let me just tell you that a king size bed doesn’t hold 4 people very well when two of them are toddlers who move about a lot while they sleep!

So I was up at 5 while the girls both snuggled back down and slept in my bed. Until almost 9am! Little turkeys.

So I left my very comfy bed and got online to attempt a bit of catching up. Instead I was drawn to look at beds online- probably because I was missing mine. Or maybe because I wondered if a fun bed would keep the girls in theirs and out of ours…

Anyway, I found some absolutely amazing kids beds in shapes of Cinderella’s carriage, “diggers”, pink Jeeps, racecars and more. And then I found the amazingly carved fairy, princess and pirate beds (available with dresser, armoire and under bed storage options) and fell completely in love. Forget the kids, I want the fairy bed for myself.

There are lots of adult beds in great styles, too. But, really, they just don’t have the same fantasy aspect!


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