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My First Blog Conference

>> Friday, January 16, 2009

get-your-bliss-on Badges

I'm so very excited to be able to go to Blissdom this year. Though I've been blogging since before Brenna was born it's only relatively recently that I've thought about making my blogs work for me; up until a year ago they were really just a hobby. So I'm thrilled to go to this intimate conference that is featuring some women that I truly admire and hope to learn more from. My bloggy friend (who lives right close by tho I never get to see her) Paula from Boogers & Burps is going with me. In fact, we're rooming together. Man, I hope I don't talk in my sleep ('cuz I've been known to do that).

In preparation for Blissdom I've "upgraded" my wonderful Moo mini cards that have only my travel site info (and are super sweet in their mini size and amazing quality) to...

Drumroll please...

these amazing two sided full size business cards. I absolutely love that I can have photos that represent all aspects of my websites on the front. And look at all that info on the back! I used every bit of room (and could have added more!). I absolutely love the way they turned out. I used the classic cardstock and the cards are so heavy and glossy; great Moo quality. (Psst: if you need new business cards - or anything else Moo makes - new customers can save 20% by just using this code: A4ERRB by January 31, 2009)

I also got a little something else to make my travels a little easier. Now, let me see if I can find it... I know I put it in here somewhere...

There it is... the black thing by my wallet and super sweet Moleskine planner I made...

Believe it or not, that small thing in there is my new laptop!

All 9.8" and 2.8 lbs of it.

It's pretty sweet. First and foremost, it's pink. I"ve become quite girly since I had my daughters and have developed a fondness for pink. So I adore the color.

BUT... Pink wasn't my first choice. I actually searched for the golden brown for a few weeks online. And while I was able to find

it with smaller memory and 3 cell battery I really wanted the larger hard disk drive and 6 cell battery (well worth the extra $50). I sent a couple of emails off to Acer and didn't receive a response. So, after two weeks of waiting I called the company.

And Acer almost lost a customer. The customer service out of their home office is horrible. I was transferred multiple times before I was handed to someone who "could help" me. When I explained to the gentleman I was transferred to (Steve, I believe he said) exactly what I wanted he told me that I was being picky and if that's what I wanted I would have to wait, "probably a very long time". I explained that I wasn't requesting anything special, only what they advertised on their website and, again, I

was treated rudely and basically dismissed with an item number on a website for a computer that wasn't what I was asking for.

But, whatever Acer may be lacking in customer service they completely make up in computer quality and price. Trust me, I made Doug join my search for a laptop with the same specs and no others came close. So Acer got my business. And I'm very pleased with this little computer. It has enough room to hold the software I need and the 8.9" widescreen is crisp and clear. It's light and doesn't require it's own bag. The only drawbacks: it only holds 1GB RAM so you can't run too many programs at one time and it has no CD/DVD drive (not really a problem, more of a "heads up" if you are thinking about getting one).

As for the ugly little case it came in... That issue is being fixed by the wonderful Janine King who will be creating a laptop tote like this:

for me using this fabric:

No boring black for me! Janine designs bags, clutches, laptop cases, totes & more (I'm addicted to her bags!). She just released a new design: the Fronce Tote. Isn't it great? It's on my wish list...

She's got dozens of fabric choices- you must check her out. (FYI: I'll have a few Janine King bags to give away during the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival at the end of the month!)

So those preparations, along with my attempts to lose weight, a new pair of shoes and a new top or two and I am ready for Blissdom.

Three weeks to go...


The Fritz Facts 2:57 PM  

You are so lucky! I love the pink one, and would get the same if Hubby wasn't set on using it too. Blast him! lol

I hope you have the best time at the conference. Think of me!!

Anonymous 9:08 PM  

Wow! Now that is getting organized and pimped for the trip:) It will be great to meet you!

Melody 9:14 PM  

I hope you guys have a lot of fun. :)

The laptop is quite adorable. I would love one but I right now I have other things to purchase.

Just this week I got heat in my van and new tires.

I think yours is more fun.

Paula Reece 9:46 PM  

I'm counting down the days!! I am going to visit Moo and get me some business cards. Thanks for the tip (and the discount code)!

Stephanie 11:44 PM  

Have fun at the conference! My good friend Nicole {Apron Strings Aflutter} is going and she has promised to give me a full report after she returns. :)

I love MOO too. It's such a fabulous company...and their mini cards are the best.

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