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Busy, Busy, Busy

>> Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. I feel like I have so much going on and absolutely nothing is getting done.

We are still waiting for an adjuster to call us about the truck. I had to call my insurance agent yesterday to let him know that no one had called us yet. It's funny to hear them say "We'll get it repaired" when I know there is no repairing that vehicle for under the loan payoff cost. Whatever... They'll catch up to where I am sooner or later.

Doug is hitching rides with my family this week. He is out of the house before the girls are awake which throws them off. I hear "I want daddy" all day. Hopefully we can get over it soon because the next 2 months Doug is on a project that will have him away from home more than he's here. Not looking forward to that. Being "Mommy" all day is tougher than so many people think (and I see all you mommies nodding) and I really rely on Doug in the evening. It's going to be difficult having him gone until late and out the door before the sun. I'll be a single parent... But not.

Through all the difficulties this past week I did manage to lose another pound. It's not much, but I'm amazed I didn't gain any.

OK, back to work. Man, do I feel scattered. Why won't my kid go lay down and watch her movie? Seriously, I NEED THE QUIET TIME TOO!!!

Oh, when I was thinking coherently I was quoted for a bail out article. Check it out here.


The Fritz Facts 7:01 PM  

Don't forget to take Mommy Time!!! I am taking some this weekend. I am going to go see a movie by myself...with noone to ask me 100 questions!

Fantastagirl 8:45 PM  

I've done the single mommy thing, while married...it's not fun, but it's do-able. Because you know it's not a permanent thing. Think of it this way- you can have breakfast for supper anytime you want!

lila 7:51 AM  

Hi Jody,
Long time! Congrats on the quote and the pound.
Are you getting the same cold I am getting? 15 below right now and to think I just left 65 degree weather and sunshine.

Wishing you some down time.

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