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Completely Customized Moleskine

>> Tuesday, January 06, 2009

OK, so I'm not even close to done...

Because I have a scrapbooking tote directly next to my desk. And if I'm gonna make a book I'm gonna make it pretty... It could be a bigger project than I anticipated...

I got the basic idea from JessicaKnows... I'm holding her responsible...


cbstinso 8:31 AM  

Man, Jody, great minds think alike. I was so cracked up to see this post. Move over Crackberries, I am all about the moleskin! (Did I mention I am old school and refuse to abandon maps in favor of a GPS system?) LOL. Anyway, I try to collect Moleskine notebooks, and I love the one I got at the Clinton Presidential Library. I had no idea you could do all this though. Sweet! (Man, I hope none of my guy friends read these comments ;))

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