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It's Official

>> Thursday, January 15, 2009

The adjuster called with the "good" news yesterday: the truck is, officially, totaled. It was bittersweet, really, to go and take the license plates off it and get the few things we had left in it. Doug bought that truck about the time we got married so we've had it 5 years. And, despite my complaints about it, it really was a good vehicle.

I've been driving the car this past week and I have to say, I miss my SUV. It just feels safer when I have the girls with me.

So, what's next? We aren't really sure. Doug's assignment for work is changing and he will be commuting farther, on a daily basis, but won't need his own vehicle during that time. Which is both a blessing (it gives us more time to look for a new vehicle and find a great cash bargain) and a curse (he'll be gone more).

On our radar now? A Land Rover Discovery. Used, of course. We really liked the one we drove in Ireland. Or a Saturn Relay. We rented one in Texas a few years ago and liked it, too.

Another blessing; there are tons of used cars in the market right now. We have the time to be choosy and bargain shop. And, hey, if the best deal is in Florida maybe we can get away and find some warm weather, too!


Sally 8:29 AM  

I just have to plug my car - a Honda Pilot. I LOVE it. It's comfy, an SUV, has all wheel drive, and it so affordable to drive. We bought a 2004 a year ago, paid cash for it, and have never looked back. =)

Melody 9:00 AM  

I think finding a car in Florida would be a great idea.

Warmth would be so great right now. :)

Jill 10:38 AM  

Oh gosh - good luck. I bought a Landrover LR3 in August (used - 2005 with 20,000 miles) for a STEAL. I love it and do feel much safer in an SUV. Although, I didn't like the $85 to fill it up every week back in the summer but now it's gotten better. Do you have a Carmax near you? They're great. Just a warning though, if you purchase a warranty they require you get service at a Landrover Deal (or authorized contactor) and they service packages are EXPENSIVE...$300 and up each time.

Anonymous 5:27 PM  

I have heard Land Rovers are much more expensive upkeep wise and I know how much you love paying for brakes on the Exploder. I wonder if you have checked out the GMC Acadia? Jarod

Tamara B 12:55 PM  

Maybe you've seen the ads for carsoup.com. We looked there but ended up getting our car replaced by an add on craigslist.

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