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If I Don't Get to Ireland This Year I'm Taking the Family to Branson

>> Tuesday, January 06, 2009

This Christmas I presented my mother with a customized calendar as a gift. I used photos from our Ireland vacation and filled in all the important dates. And I added a little something else…

Every other month I put in a post-it note with an activity and suggested date. This month’s “featured outing” is a visit to a tea room- girls only. As we go through the year we have day trips and even (hopefully) another jaunt overseas.

But, if that doesn’t pan out, I’m considering a long weekend in Branson. Since I’ve begun telling you all about how “new” and, dare I say,” hip” Branson has become it has really made me want to visit.

Because, while we’ve been through Missouri and even owned land in the Ozarks for a time, Branson just hasn’t been one of our stops in well over 5 years (since before Doug & I married).

Now, if we end up in Branson that means I don’t get to go to Ireland this year. So I would want to take in what little bit of Irish I can find- namely Spirit of the Dance and Daniel O’Donnell. If my sister-in-law Amanda joins us she won’t miss Liverpool Legends, the Ultimate Beatles Experience. And you can’t skip the show that started it all- the Baldknobbers.

As for where to stay… Well, that’s a given. I want a spacious room and relaxation. And both the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel provide fine accommodation and amenities I need. (Hello? Internet access!) Both have suites and condos; it just depends on if I want a view of the lake.


Both hotels run packages, which is truly helpful when traveling on a budget. If you’ve decided that you must go now (I’ve almost hit that point!) you’ll want to look into the Winter Escape Package, available at both hotels. If you go soon you can catch all the fun of the 2nd anniversary of the Hilton Promenade. (Don’t forget to sign up for HHonors, the Hilton rewards program!)



Melody 10:38 PM  

We thought about going to Branson for Spring Break. Of course, now we have other plans but it seems like it would be so much fun.

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