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Do the Olympics Inspire Your Kids?

>> Monday, January 12, 2009

I don’t think there is anything that inspires people to be active more than the Olympics. Especially for kids. I know that here in the Des Moines area (and probably all of Iowa) gymnastics schools saw huge jumps in enrollment after our own Shawn Johnson went to Bejing. I think everyone has had Olympic dreams at one time or another…

Which is why I thing the offer from SOGO Active is so amazing.

SOGO Active is a community organization sponsored by Coca~Cola Canada that is beginning in Nova Scotia. To really give this new organization a push- and big excitement- Coca~Cola will award over 1000 torchbearer spots in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Torch Relay to teens who join the program and demonstrate a commitment to an active lifestyle. Twenty of these teens will be from the Halifax-based organization.

I spent some time clicking through the SOGO Active site and I am really impressed with the “outside the box” thinking and the options available to the kids. There is something called “Oozeball” that I am sure will be a big hit.

The whole point is to get our kids active and have them enjoy it. I think it’s a great idea and the incentive of the Olympic Torch Relay is such an amazing opportunity. You can get more info at SOGO Active.com.



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