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I Wish I Were Sleeping

>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And, come morning, I'm going to wish I drank something stronger than tea!

Caelan woke at 2:30 am needing a diaper change. Oh, yes, she is ready to be potty trained. I need to just buckle down and do it. She holds for 24+ hours at a time and then the next 12 hours are filled with heavy, wet diapers and nasty poo. And it's waking her in the middle of the night when she needs to go.

Brenna, who usually sleeps like the dead, trailed down a few minutes later. It seems Caelan isn't the quietest mouse in this house and woke Brenna with her fussing.

After changing one and having both wanting to "cuddle" with me, I managed to get them both tucked into their beds. I, of course, had to stay to "cuddle" or risk fussing that would wake the rest of the house (Doug) fully.

By the time I made it back to bed I was awake. Grrr...

And my mind began to work. Grrr...

So, here I am, taking care of things that need done this morning. Though not this early...


The Fritz Facts 7:39 AM  

4 am! My goodness lady! I don't have that problem often, but when I do it is not a good time.

Get a good shot of caffeine today!

Sally 8:58 AM  

I was wondering about your super early email this morning. Hope you can get a nap in!

Jill 2:30 PM  

Oh, I feel for you girl. We are over the day time potty issues but night time is still a chore. And we also have a bad habit of giving the little boy some juice if he wakes up at night. Bad mommy! Bad mommy! Isn't a good night's sleep over-rated anyway? Who needs it? ha!

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