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It's Not Grey

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brenna and I were running errands today and had one of the best conversations yet.

Brenna: So, Mom, what are your plans for today?
Hello, do all 4-year-olds talk like this?

Me: Well, we have to take cans to the recycling center, clothes to the dry cleaner and then we can stop for a snack. Tonight I'm going to get my hair done.

Brenna: I want to go with you to get your hair done tonight.

Me: No, I'll be there a long time, I'm getting my hair cut and colored.

Brenna: What color? Will it still be brown? Why do you need it colored?

Me: I need it colored to cover the grey.

Brenna: It's not grey, it's decay. I learned that on Sid the Science Kid.

Me: Thank you, Brenna.


Fantastagirl 11:45 PM  

Life for you is just getting fun - oh the things she will come up with... Enjoy!

(and I think she is a smart little thing... not many 4 year olds ask what their plans are for the day..)

Anonymous 5:38 AM  

Uh - at 4? You won't be able to understand her when she turns 14!

Melody 9:35 AM  

Too funny. You have to love Sid the Science Kid.

Marie 12:07 PM  

Nothing worse than decaying hair! ;-)
Too funny.

Kevin often asks what I did while he was at preschool. I love our car conversations!

Paula Reece 12:18 PM  

How funny! Leave it up to the kiddos to keep us humble. :)

BTW, are you ready for Nashville? We need to talk. I have no idea what to wear to the cocktail parties?!?

I'm excited, though!!!

Jennifer 4:29 PM  

HAHA! Too cute!

Unknown 3:54 PM  

LOL!!! I love Sid the Science Kid... We just saw that episode!! :)

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