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One Vehicle is Not So Easy

>> Monday, January 12, 2009

The weekend passed, quite quickly actually. Saturday's accident threw off my rhythm quite a bit and we ate out twice and had ice cream at Marble Slab.

This morning I got Doug into the Chiropractor for an after-crash check up, then drove him to work. Which was a great joy as the snow is falling steadily and the car really doesn't appreciate roads that aren't dry. Luckily we made it home without incident- though others we saw weren't so lucky.

I haven't hear from our insurance agent yet. Doug left him a message on Saturday to call me as I had questions... Like checking the driver side airbag and seeing if that $650 I just put into the truck can be reimbursed.

Soon it will be time to load the girls into the car again- this time to take Brenna to school. Then out again to pick her up, grab a prescription, pick up the babysitter from school and send out books from last week's contests.

Thankfully I don't have to collect Doug from work- my sister is doing that. As well as taking him in the rest of the week.

Did I mention the blizzard warning that we will be under this evening? Oh, yes, I miss my 4-wheel-drive truck right now. I felt so much safer in it...

Maybe I can win a Disney Vacation and get away from the snow for a while...


The Fritz Facts 7:20 PM  

The first day is always the worst. We have been through it before, and it is not a good time. You are so lucky to have family close by that can help out.

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