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Thanks, Al, I Think I Got It

>> Monday, April 16, 2007

OK, has anyone else noticed this?

The Reverend Al Sharpton is everywhere talking about the Don Imus "controversy"**. Seriously, he's been on Oprah, Glenn Beck, the Today Show, FOX News, CNN... Where hasn't he been? And I'm pretty sure that everyone on the planet knows that Imus said "nappy headed hos" by now (to be referred to as "nhh" as I really don't want those words on this page more than necessary).

In one interview the Rev Al said "nhh" 6 times. Six times. In one 5 minute interview. Why? I would think that once would be plenty. But to go on and on with the words. I almost think he likes saying it.

** For the record, I think Imus is a pretty offensive guy; haven't ever enjoyed his brand of "entertainment". But I think picking him out when every other rap lyric is just as offensive to women is absurd. Imus is "entertainment" as rap is "entertainment". Neither is entertaining to me but there must be a market for both. And if CBS and MSNBC are so worried they really need to look into their holdings. I believe both have record labels that feature rap "artists".


The Kept Woman 10:02 PM  

(I hate Al Sharpton and his sidekick The Rev. Jesse Jackson...sorry...I don't use that word often when describing my emotions toward people but those two warrant the use of such a strong word)

Anita 5:34 AM  

I'm with you Jody. Imus is an offensive a$$. But rappers do say things that are 10x worse, and frankly, I defend their right to say what they want. Of course I also believe that advertising sponsors are totally free to pull all their advertising from someone if they don't want their product affiliated with racist speech. Which would justify the firing.


I have heard many times on the radio that Al is a Reverend, which is a Christian title, which Christianity preaches forgiveness. Why can't he forgive.

Fantastagirl 9:59 PM  


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