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Lincoln Dinner

>> Sunday, April 15, 2007

Doug & I had great seats at the Lincoln Dinner last night. Third table from the front, center; right in front of the speakers. All 9 of them (one had plane trouble and couldn't make it). Yep, the Republican Presidental candidates were in Iowa last night in full force. I will be back later to share my thoughts, highlights and low-lights. And photos.

And don't be surprised if "The Geek" starts showing up again. The politicos pulled him aside last night. November 2008 seems so far away...


Anita 4:39 PM  


I can't wait to hear about this dinner. It sounds very, very interesting. Hope you'll provide lots of details. And I guess I must be checking in at a good time cause the muffins sounds soooo good too.

Wanted to let you know where I'm at:


It's looking pretty humble at the moment.

Tamara 1:31 PM  

that's very cool. I think our husbands would get along very well. Mine is more than politically informed, he's really into it!

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