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I Scream You Scream

>> Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Brenna wanted ice cream. First cone of the season. So yummy... And messy!And, yes, Brenna was a wonky eye. When she woke up her right eye was swollen and wouldn't open fully. I was able to get in to see her doctor who ruled out pink eye (thank God!) but couldn't find any reason for the swelling. There was no indication of problems with the eye itself. He recommended Benadryl. No change by 2:30 so I called back (as per request) and we picked up a prescription last night for an antibiotic, just in case she has an infection of the upper eyelid.

She is looking better this morning. No idea what caused the swelling. Guess we'll just keep her on the drugs until they run out. Luckily they can flavor the nastiness out (mostly).


Marie 12:18 PM  


And I am jealous that you have DQ. I SO miss The Blizzard!!!!

Jennifer 7:45 AM  

Connor woke up this morning with a spot like that under his eye. I think it might be a spider bite. My brother has woken up like that many many times over years... it's nothing to worry about.

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