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And So Another Week Begins

>> Monday, April 09, 2007

OK, for most of you it began today but since we had to go to north-east Iowa for Easter Doug took today off. We spent the night in Amana last night and spent today wandering around the colonies and shopping before heading home.

So much to do! We hit the outlet mall on the way home and bought summer clothes. I also got my Mother's Day gift early- a Kitchen Aid mixer. I told Doug he could "demand" a good breakfast on Mother's Day. I have to make a cake this week, as well as some banana bread so it will get use soon!

It was nice to be away, even for a short time, and to relax as a family. I just have one thing to say:

Two room suite.

No more one room hotels. The girls are both noisy sleepers and I'm not sure how much sleep Doug got but I know that I didn't get much. Bedtime will be coming soon.


Gerry 12:27 AM  

Hey it was really nice reading through your post...thanks for sharing...and well Mothers Day is surely approaching...and good to know that you've already got your gift...and for some more resources to make the day extra special do drop by my blog on Mother's Day Wishes and check out all that i've posted there!!!

Bubbi 5:08 AM  

Hi Jodi,
Stopping in to say hi :)

AnIowaMom 8:08 AM  

I'm jealous ... again! I want a kitchen aid mixer too! This mother's day ... I'm getting a bike so I can bike ride with the kids. :) I was always having to push a stroller, but now, I only have ONE that can't ride a bike, so she can go in a seat on the back of mine. :)

Exercise, mixer, exercise, mixer ... hmmmm ... I might have to rethink this one.

Glad you had a nice Easter! :)

The Kept Woman 11:36 AM  

Enjoy your new Mix Master...I love mine!!

Two room suite...must look into...

CCHuff 6:56 PM  

Glad you enjoyed your extra day aeay. At least it was nicer yesterday than today.

Brent 7:55 PM  

Banana bread...YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Marie 8:44 AM  

What? No picture!? Congrats.... I absolutely LOVE mine.

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