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Hunting Eggs With Who?

>> Sunday, April 01, 2007

I belong to a Mom's Group through my church that meets every Thursday. Every other week we do a book club type thing while the kids play and on alternate weeks we do some sort of activity.

Last week we did an Easter Egg Hunt at a local nursing home. The whole idea was to get the kids to interact with the residents. On our way to the nursing home I was trying to explain to Brenna that we were going to a place where "lots of Great-Grandmas and Great-Grandpas live". As Brenna has all 4 G-G'mas and one G-G'pa I thought she might get it. I didn't feel like it was making any impact until I said the people were old. Then she seemed to get it.

The weather was cold and wet so the eggs were "hidden" inside; through the hallway, around- and sometimes on- the residents and their chairs. No problem for Brenna. My brother-in-law has two brothers who are in wheel chairs so she isn't afraid of them. She, very politely and very carefully, took eggs while Caelan, in her bunny ears, and I followed.

After the egg hunting we went through the facility and shared our bounty. I would hand Brenna an egg and she would give it to the resident we were visiting and say "Happy Easter". Some were very chatty, some just smiled, but all seemed pleased to see the kids. I think Brenna enjoyed herself, too.

When we finished and were leaving the dining areas were being set up and there were people all around. I was telling Brenna to say goodbye as we passed. And she was very good about it, too.

"Goodbye... Goodbye... Goodbye old people..."

Oh, yes, she retains everything. And sooner or later it all comes to the surface.


Blog Author 11:25 PM  

Oh man!!! I thought for sure she was going to say goodbye 'GRANDMAS' but old people? OMG that was funny.

Dave Richards 1:38 AM  

This sounds really nice...and was great reading about it...and well as Easter is just round the corner now i'd also like you to visit my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!

Marie 10:24 AM  

What a riot!!

My son gets all excited when we get food delivered. When the pizza delivery man pulls in, he runs to the window & greets him at the door. "It's the pizza man! Hi pizza man!"

Sometimes we have Chinese food delivered. I dread the day K calls him by "name"!

Tamara B 11:08 AM  

that's too cute!

Stepping Over the Junk 6:25 AM  

that is really sweet and reminds me of my childhood and I love that "good bye old people!" I love what comes out of my kids' mouths.

Unknown 9:32 PM  

Bwahahahahahaha...amazing how they don't realize what is and is not socially acceptable, huh?

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