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The Vinyl Is Here!

>> Tuesday, April 03, 2007

For those of you keeping track of my Wishblade activities : the bathroom is almost done. The vinyl came yesterday and we have been working on dots. Big dots, small dots, dots with letters (we are going to put individual towel hooks up for the girls), dots with other dots.

Dots on the shower doors...
A dot on the mirror. If you stand just right it's a "frame".
Dots up high and dots down low...
And all removable, repositionable and requiring no paint!

I just have to get Doug to put up the really high dots. I have to say that I am really pleased. And I saved at least $50 over purchasing "wall decals" and had more color and size options. Not to mention the fun letters!


Windjammer 4:20 PM  

I was beginning to wonder about you being dyslexic until I realized the letters were a reflection in the mirror on one of those pictures!

Fantastagirl 5:22 PM  

Looks great! and just think in a few years when your girls are ready for something else it won't be hard to change - simply awesome!


That is sucha cool way to decorate.

Marie 1:18 PM  

Very cute and fun!!

The Kept Woman 9:25 PM  

Frickin' cute. I'm jealous!!

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