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April Showers

>> Wednesday, April 11, 2007

But what about April snows? Seriously, this is the view out my window today. Serious ick.

Housebound today. Gonna make banana bread and do laundry. Maybe give the girls nice warm baths before their naps and wrap them tight in the towels they got for Easter:

Yep, you can say it: my girls are adorable.


Marie 8:45 AM  

Awww! Sweet.

AnIowaMom 12:15 PM  

No kidding ... I can't believe this snow!!! Hate it!

And okay, I'll say it ... your girls are adorable! :)

CCHuff 5:04 PM  

It's scary how much Brenna looks like you!

Fantastagirl 7:08 PM  

sick of the snow here as well - didn't anyone tell mother nature that it's spring???

The girls are very very adorable!

Tamara 9:39 AM  

yes, the girls are adorable!

I had a similar view out my window and was frustrated with not being able to get to work but not being at home either. Grr.

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