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Help Wanted

>> Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Must be able to build ark and count animals.

Those trees are *usually* about 5 feet from the edge of the brook.

When the landscaper was here the other day the water was calm and clear. You could easily see the bottom- there was maybe 10-12 inches of water lazily flowing downstream.

It's not so lazy now...


AnIowaMom 9:44 AM  

I'm so with ya! Our creek that usually trickles over pretty rocks ... looks like a raging river right now!

Gotta love Spring in Iowa ... rain rain rain! Supposed to be more of it all day today!

Tamara 3:57 PM  

I was just at a meeting south of here and the drive to and from showed plenty of water running everywhere. This is the time that I know my job is necessary (ie: planning waterways in crop fields)

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