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Too Early For So Much

>> Friday, May 12, 2006

My mind is in high gear- and has been since I woke at approximately 3am with a stuffy nose. So, "What's on your mind?" you ask? Oh, you might be sorry you asked that.

Politics, as usual. The primary is very close. In four short weeks we will know if Doug will be the Republican candidate. If he is then we go forward hopefully picking up more volunteers and donations along the way. If he's not then we can get back to our lives and begin paying off the debt we have accrued to follow his desire to serve. Either way the glass is full, right?

Oh, of course there is more that I could go in to. But do I dare? This site is linked to Doug's candidate site and - even though people say they want honesty - do they really?
OK, I actually wrote an entire segment that I deleted. Why? Because it was probably too truthful. And also filled with my own frustration. Once this was a site where I could be completely honest. Now, under a microscope, I have to censor myself for fear of offending.

I will just say, get to know your candidates. Who has ideas you can get behind? Compare the candidates and find out who you can relate to. Because the person who gets elected speaks for you. Don't you want someone in office who can understand your position because he is in that position, too?

OK, I'm going to stop with that because, well, I have probably said quite enough.

I was just skimming the archives because I was just sure that I remembered blogging about this during my first pregnancy. Oh, wait, I found it... a small mention of PUPPPs during my first pregnancy. I remember being so relieved when it finally disappeared (as quickly as it had come) and how thankful I was that "it usually doesn't affect subsequesnt pregnancies". Ummm, BS. Because I swear that is exactly what I have driving me crazy from hip to hip below my belly.

I haven't really mentioned this pregnancy much. With everything that is going on it sometimes feels like a side note that will become more prominent in the coming weeks. Big announcement on the 23rd, so be sure to check in for that. And then we will begin researching baby names!!!

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