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Another Busy Weekend

>> Monday, May 08, 2006

We had yet another busy weekend en casa.

Saturday morning Brenna's cousin Koen came to visit. My brother Justin and my SIL Holly bought a house just a couple of miles away. YEA! Now if my other brother would move to to town...

Doug spent Saturday knocking on doors, putting up signs and making phone calls. He is working very hard and I really hope it pays off. I guess we'll know in a month.

Sunday we took a much needed day away. Doug met a guy when he was knocking on doors who mentioned that he is a reinactor at Renaissance Festivals and there was one at the Amana Colonies this past weekend. So we went. No costumes as none of mine fit- the belly is too big and the costume Brenna wore last year is too small. If I had more notice I might have been able to whip something up.

Brenna was shy when we first arrived but she warmed up enough to be entertained by the fairies.
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The festival is still small and there are few vendors. Hopefully it will grow and someday rival my favorite: the Minnesota Renaissance. If Doug wins the primary we won't get to go... sigh

We went into Amana after for some yummy German food and wandered around as they were celebrating Maifest. Unfortunately the Chocolate Haus was too busy and I didn't get any chocolate. :( I would really like some right now.

Today was back to work: phone calls, errands, laundry. Ahhh, reality.

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