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Tired, Tired, Tired

>> Friday, May 05, 2006

The past two nights Brenna has had what I assume are terrifying dreams.
I assume they are terrifying due to the screams that make my blood run cold.
I assume they are dreams becasue when I get into her room her eyes are closed and she is laying down.

I sit down by her bed, rub her back and whisper to her to try to calm her down. When she realizes I am there she stands up, holds her arms out and collapses into me, shaking and gasping. I'm not really sure she is even awake when this occurs.

She does, however, wake up and begin to calm down. She will then take my finger and try to lead me out of her bedroom. Wednseday night we cuddled in the living room for a while and then I was able to put her in bed. Last night she ended up in bed with Doug & I because I could not get her back in her bed without great trauma. (Doug & I were on each side of the bed with Brenna between us- her head in my back and her feet near Doug's head. You can imagine how well we slept.)

I'm wondering if her body is trying to wake her up to potty and she just doesn't understand. Or maybe it is some sort of nightmare. Any insights?

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