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Brenna Loves 80's Music

>> Friday, May 19, 2006

Brenna loves 80's style heavy metal. Weird because I didn't like metal until Desert Storm as that was about all anyone who brought cassette tapes (remember those?) had to share.

Brenna got to stay with Meritt and NatureGirl while Jody and I had a date. Here's Brenna rocking out to the Ozzinator with Meritt... It works best if you right mouse click and select Save Target As..

HA! Doug desn't knw why Brenna likes 80s metal? No need to look any further than Mommy, here. I am sure that I remember cleaning the house when I was pregnant with her, GNR, Ratt, Ozzy and Nickelback (along with others) blaring in the background. She just takes after Mommy. :)

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