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A Scare This Morning

>> Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Since my OB appointment should have just been a 10 minute- in and out- how are you feeling appointment I told Doug to just go in to work and I would call him after it was over.

Ahhh... the best laid plans...

Brenna and I arrived a few minutes early and were shown in to a room quickly. The Dr came in as Brenna was taking off her shoes and trying on mine. After looking over my BP, urine and weight- and saying everything looked good- it was time to check baby's heartbeat.

Out came the gel- he handed the bottle to Brenna, she loves "rubs" (very brave if you ask me)- and proceeded to listen to my belly. He moved the heartbeat monitor to the left... To the right... Up... Down...

No heartbeat. He said that he could "hear something moving in there" but no steady heartbeat. It worried him enough that he ordered an ultrasound.

I send Doug a text message. It worried him. I told him not to worry as baby spent much of the night kicking me. Yep, Brenna kicking my back and baby kicking in the front. I know what you're thinking... restful.

After sitting and waiting for 30 or 40 minutes I texted Doug again and asked him to come to the Dr's office because Brenna was getting restless. Of course, timimg working out the way it does, I was called in before Doug got there and came out just as he arrived.

All is well. Baby must have been hididng from the Dr. The ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat and an active baby.

Of course, after all was OK I felt sick to my stomach.

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