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The Name Game

>> Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why does it seem to me that picking a boy's name would be easier? I began the search for Brenna's name before we knew she was a girl and at that time boy's names were just easier for me. This time I didn't even begin looking at names until we found out the sex. Another little girl- which delights me. My sister is a bit dismayed as she was hoping I would have a boy- probably because I do give her grief about her two little terrors. (I jest. They are boys in every way, full of spunk and spirit, and I hope they are never made to change.)

But back to the names. As anyone who knows me (or has read this blog for a period of time) knows I am fascinated by practically anything Irish or Celtic. Hence Brenna (raven or black haired) Clare (after the county).

So, what have we come up with so far?
Aoife- prounounced ee+fa- meaning beautiful, radiant, joyful
Eibhleanne- prounounced ave+linn- pleasant, beautiful
Ryanne- pronounced rye+an- little king
Grainne- pronounced grawn+ya- patron of the harvest, in some places I have seen it listed as a Celtic form of Grace
Shannon- after the river- I like this for a middle name

So, that's what we have so far. I can almost see some of you cringing.

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