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How Difficult am I to Understand?

>> Monday, May 15, 2006

Brenna and I had many, many errands to run this morning. Pick up photos, visit the chiropractor, get new tires on the car, confirm an order at the print shop...

And all was going well until the final errand.

The print shop we use for all Doug's campaign stuff is a local place and, very handily, they have an email order system. Tell them what you want, send "copy" if you have it and then stop in or call to confirm the order.

So I email a post card I have set up and a mail merge document. Good enough. I even tell them what I created the post card in and ask that, if they can't open it, to please call me so I can get a print out before I stop in.

I don't hear from them as I am running about town taking care of business so I venture to the opposite side of town to confirm the order.

I walk in, tell the guy who I am and he says...

with a bit of a sarcastic tone to his voice...

"I emailed you back to let you know I couldn't open the document."

Gee, thanks, that's so helpful since I specifically requested that you call me - and I gave you my phone number. So I tried my best to describe and remember exactly what I had on that card. While Brenna tried valiantly to escape from my clutches.

So now I am waiting for him to email me a document of his vision of my description. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...

Don't you just wish people would pay more attention sometimes? sigh


I just got the finished product. I gotta say, for not paying attention to some things this guy does great work. Which is why we use him and deal with the small frustrations.

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