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Happy Mother's Day

>> Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ah, Mother's Day... Brenna slept in til 8:30. That's almost unheard of! And then she gave me a lovely gift.
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Which she had to try out. The "rubs" smell good!
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The gift card is for the very lovely cosmetology school & spa and includes a massage, facial, mani, pedi with pedi kit and hair style. That's a full day of lovely, relaxing mommy time.

Now I just have to find a day that I can fit it in!

Doug "made" breakfast today: i.e. we went out for breakfast. A local diner had a very lovely brunch for all those daddies that were "making" breakfast. Eggs, biscuits and gravy, roast potatoes, sausage, bacon, french toast, roast turkey, ham, scalloped potatoes, salads, fruits, desserts. Yum! Doug sure is a good cook when he tries!

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