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Pardon My Absence

>> Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The last three days have been very busy here at Casa Geek. Sunday was spent cleaning in preparation for the Open House we had last night. And, since people were here to help, we had a fun little gathering that night with charred critters on the barbie (burgers and brats) and alcoholic beverages (for everyone but yours truly).

After all the work and sun the day before we all slept in until 9:30 Monday morning. Yes, even Brenna! We were planning on her waking us so we could get to some Memorial Day observations but she was tuckered out from all the fun in her new pool with her cousins the night before! So we did what any family would do in our situation- we packed a picnic and went to the zoo! It was quite hot but Brenna didn't seem to mind one bit! And it was nice for Doug to be able to join us. Brenna loved dragging Daddy up and down the stairs by the sea lions!

And yesterday was the Open House. I was on the go from 8:30 am... Things to buy, things to make, babysitters to pick up, Brenna to care for... And a commercial to appear in.

Yep, a commercial. Well, Doug did most of it, but there are some family shots. And LOTS of Miss Brenna waving and blowing kisses to the camera. We are told that it will begin airing online in August. We'll keep you posted on that.

The Open House went as well as we could expect for the day after the official start of vacation seaseon and competing against lots of kids activities. I, of course, made too much food so Doug will be the most popular guy at work today.

And now I must go and wake my sleeping beauties. Brenna had an awful terror last night- I found her crouched on her feet in bed clutching her blanket- and I was so tired that I finally brought her down to sleep with us. But wake them I must for Doug should go to work and I have an OB appointment in less than 2 hours.

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