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>> Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I wish our damn truck would be stolen tonight.

Ugh. I spent almost my entire day away from home. You see, we have been having an issue with our Exploder (HA! Explorer, but we keep hoping it will explode) Anyway, back in March we experienced what felt like a loss of power, or slipping. We thought it might be in the fuel line. We had the fuel filter replaced. No luck.

So we took it to the dealership that sold us this piece of crap. They hooked it up to a computer, said they got no signs of anything wrong and charged me $100.


So I took it to a local mechanic. The hooked it up to a computer- despite my protests that it had already been done & they wouldn't find anything- and found nothing. But they did go along on a drive with me, they did feel the problem I described, but they had no idea what it was. They suggested a fuel system flush.

Which can only be done at the dealership.

So I called another Ford dealer, made the appointment, took the truck in. By this time it's the middle of June. I take the truck in and spend approximately 30 minutes explaining the problem to the very nice service manager. He hooks it up to a computer which tells him nothing. (I told him. Noone listens to me.) They test drive it. Thankfully the truck acts up.

I spend about 3 hours at the dealership as they replace almost everything possible- including the main computer that runs the damn truck- and nothing works. I am given a lovely Taurus to drive for the next 3 days.

So, after 3 days it is decided that the problem is the cylanoid. It is replaced and the truck seems to be ok. I fork over $700+.

Hop forward to 2 weeks later. The truck begins acting up again... doing the exact same thing. But, as an added bonus, it is also grinding. I call the dealership. I take the truck in. They hook it up to their computer. Nuthin'. They drive it. Nuthin'.

Repeat above scenario two more times.

Last weekend a Ford representative calls to me see if we have heard about the Ford special offers. I rip him up one side and down the other. Half an hour later his boss calls me. I read him the riot act, as well. The second guy was going to see if there was anything to be done about getting me out of this stupid vehicle. I never heard back from him.

And, finally, today. Take the truck in. Nuthin' on their stupid little computer diagnostic equipment. But, they have recreated the problem.

I wait.

Brenna gets fussy.

Still no word.

We walk to Big Lots. Brenna gets sippy cups and socks.

I call the dealership. Still no ideas.

We walk to the mall (about 3 miles away).

The dealership calls. They say the problem is that the front tires are new and the back tires aren't. Because of the difference the sensors think the truck is on slick pavement and are trying to switch to 4 wheel drive. New rear tires will fix the problem.

WHAT??? OK, fine. New tires. Whatever. Tires must be picked up. No estimate on time.

OK, so Brenna plays in the play area, we have lunch in the food court, Brenna gets some clothes at Old Navy, I have a bad shopping day, Brenna plays in play area again, Brenna gets fussy, Brenna finally falls asleep, we walk to Hobby Lobby as I have been in the mall for 4 hours and have had enough.

We are leaving Hobby Lobby & I get the call that the truck is fixed. I demand to be picked up from the store.

I return to the dealership. I ask about the $700+ I forked over in June for a cylanoid. I am informed that it fixed one problem; this was a separate problem. Oh really? Seemed like the same problem to me. Honestly, I spent half an hour going over & over the timeline with the service manager. He didn't change his stance.

I spend $301 on two new tires.

I told him that he had better hope he doesn't see me any time soon. I believe I also mentioned a match and a big kaboom.

Ugh. Too stressed. I'm gonna go see who got kicked off Rock Star: INXS & relax. I'm betting it's Jordis...

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