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I Feel Like I'm 16

>> Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Or at least my face does. I have never in my life had so many zits. Every day new eruptions. My chin, my cheeks, my eyebrows. Nothing is spared.

And these aren't just any zits. These are painful zits, each connected to it's own nerve ending. Small zits that appear and disappear within a day; large cystic zits; and everything in between.

I know this is all due to hormones and the changes my body is going through as it tries to get back to normal. But it sucks! I didn't have zits as a teenager. I don't want to have them now.

So I am trying every option available. Of course none of them help because this is not a skin issue, it's a hormonal issue.

But you can bet that if it hasn't cleared up by the time the stuff I am using now is gone I will be visiting a nice dermatologist to get it under control.

I suppose I should check my insurance to see if it is covered... ;)

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