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Rock Star : INXS

>> Thursday, September 08, 2005

So, I was right about Jordis going last night. Not a shock- she is really not right for INXS. Did anyone catch what Dave Navarro said- about them performing together soon? I told my brother & Amanda that I think Dave will produce a solo album for Jordis. Anyone else think that's a safe bet?

Also, did you catch her saying to the final 4 that she would see them in 2 weeks? I wonder how many will be back for the finale?

So, that leaves Marty, MiG, Suzie & JD.

I think Marty is just too alternative for INXS. He'll do better as a solo act, as well. And he'll get to scream all he wants.

Although Suzie has become an amazing performer I just don't see INXS with a female lead.

I still can't help but dislike JD. I don't think he showed INXS any respect by going into the studio unprepared. He has also shown that he doesn't collaborate well when things aren't going his way. Those two instances alone should keep INXS from picking him. Besides, I think he's an ass.

So, my vote goes to MiG. He hasn't been in the bottom 3 yet, so he will be a popular choice. He has proven to have a great range with the songs he has performed. INXS was impressed with his take on their new song. He's an Aussie. And, he's all kinds of sexy. :P

Who do you think will win?

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