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>> Thursday, September 22, 2005

We are taking a weekend break to Minnesota for the Renaissance Festival and a side trip to IKEA. I have so much to do...

Yes, I should be doing this now, but I am waiting on my lunch to finish in the oven, so I have a few minutes.

1) Pack costumes for fest & clothes for Sunday
2) Finish sewing the beads onto the parasol cover & make seat covers for wagon
3) A trip to the store for dog food, sandwich stuff & snacks for the drive
4) A trip to the bank to cash in Brenna's change (it is in the wooden basket I use as a purse for Renaissance)
5) Clean the house in case someone wants to see it while we are gone
6) Take Toby to my brother's
7) Make list so I don't forget to do anything
8) Bake mini banana breads because bananas are over ripe

I know there's more... I just can't remember what. I'm sure it will come to me... When we are half way to MN.

OK, lunchtime. Then back to work. Unless Brenna wakes up from her nap early.

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