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Another Busy Weekend On Tap

>> Thursday, September 29, 2005

This time we're heading south. Almost to the Missouri border to Lesanville, a small farm community that disappeared during the Great Depression. It is being restored and has 2 turn of the century farm houses and a carriage house that serve as B&Bs, a church, a schoolhouse, a depot/general store and, of course, the farm. My siblings and I have arranged to rent an entire house for the weekend. Four couples, four children, one house.

Southwest Iowa has been in constant decline over the last few decades. It is mostly farm land and most young people leave as soon as possible. The majority of the population is over 50, family farms are disappearing and corporate farms are filling in the blanks. Unless you count the Amish that are moving in to the area; which adds a refreshing quaintness.

The closest town is Mt Ayr, a town with one stop light, one grocery store, one restaurant, half a dozen bars and at least that many churches. Our parents both went to school in Mt Ayr and all of our grandparents still live in the area. So we will spend some time visiting grandparents.

Otherwise we will be enjoying the fact that half of our cell phones won't work, we will have no internet access and no satellite TV. The big plan is to hang out, play games and celebrate Doug & Amanda's birthdays. Food, fun & family.

I think of all the people I know who don't enjoy their families and count myself lucky to call my siblings and their spouses "friends". I think that may be the best thing about living where we do... my family is close.

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