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I Don't Have Time For This

>> Thursday, September 29, 2005

I have to frost a cake... do 2 loads of laundry... clean the house for a showing tomorrow and an open on Sunday... pack for the weekend...

OK, so Lars tagged me. Curses. Here goes...

10 years ago: September 1995
I was living in St Paul, MN. I had a Jeep Wrangler, probably had the top off... of the Jeep, you pervs.

5 years ago: September 2000
I owned my own house, had a couple of cars and worked alot of crazy hours. I wasn't dating anyone special... or anyone that I even remember. Maybe I've blanked it all out.

1 year ago: end September 2004
I was 8 months pregnant and ready to have the baby any time. I was huge! I was just sitting at home waiting to pop.

Ah, a wet, windy, cold day. I re-organized Brenna's closet; packed away stuff that was too small or out of season & dragged out the 12 month items. We bundled up and took Toby for a walk. I'm sure my day involved each of the following multiple times: diaper changes, pick up recycling, spices and assorted items from lower drawers, preparing food for meals & snacks & kissing boo-boos. I'm sure it also involved a game of catch-me-if-you-can (while crawling) and two short naps. And before you think my life is all fun & games I also did laundry, washed dishes and cleaned assorted rooms multiple times.

Five Songs I Know All The Words To:
Whiskey in the Jar (hell, many Irish pub songs)
Journey to Ernie (too much Sesame Street)
Rubber Duckie (Ditto)
The Batty Bat (And again...)
Dance Myself to Sleep (Should I stop with this theme)
Anything by Nickelback or Duran Duran
Crap, any 80's hard rock

Five snacks:

Chocolate Chip Cookies warm from the oven
Auntie Annies pretzels
Good dark chocolate
Mmmm, chocolate

Five things I'd do with 100 million dollars:

Buy an estate in the British Isles
Buy this house
Buy my siblings new homes and cars
Vacation for the rest of my life
Maybe let Doug quit working :)

Five places I'd run away to:


Five things I would never wear:

Socks with sandals
Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts
Lettuce leaves as a protest against fur or leather
Clothes "designed" by a pop star
Anything by Pucci. Gack!

Five Favorite TV Shows:

Law & Order
Law & Order SVU
Crossing Jordan
The Closer (yes, I know it was a summer show, but it was good!)

Five Greatest Joys:

My marriage... my husband
My family
Hockey (I only say that because I got 1st row tickets to the first game of the season for the Iowa Stars!!)
Reading a really great book

Five Favorite Toys

Digital Camera
My dream dryer OK, so it's not my toy... yet.
Sewing machine

Current Reads:

The Enemy Within (Michael Savage)
Current issues of Parents, Readers Digest, Real Simple, Ireland of the Welcomes and Self. I'm a recovering magazine junkie. I had to give away my subscriptions because I just don't have time.
Teach Yourself Gaelic
Wicked Irish
Take Your Kids to Europe and other travel guides

Five People I'm Tagging to do this:

And you.
And you.
And you.
And anyone else.

OK, now back to work.

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