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Torn! Help Me Decide! And Maybe Win A Pair of Your Own!

>> Monday, March 02, 2009

First I must say that I have never, ever, been a fan of Crocs. Of course my girls are infatuated with them. But I couldn't bring myself to even buy them a pair- until I found a pair at a garage sale for Brenna. And those "Croc-y shoes" became her favorites last summer, through the fall, and she even tried to wear them in the snow.

While at the amazing Blissdom conference I received a Crocs initiation- and became aware that Crocs makes more than those ugly things my girls adore. And I got a certificate for a free pair- up to $50.

So now I have a problem! I don't know what to choose!

Alas, the pair I fell for is outside my price range. I may have to buy these orange Cape Cod flats myself if I am impressed with the shoes I get.

And that is where you, my dear readers, come in. Help me choose my shoes!

The choices are:

These super cute Olivia flats in brown. These will go with practically anything- jeans, pants, capris, skirts.

These bright and fun Celeste canvas slip-ons in red and cotton candy. I love the bright colors and think these would be wonderful summer shoes. Also available in suede in the outlet.

I'm not a big fan of leopard print, but these Malindi leopard flats with the cotton candy base are classic and versatile.

So... What do you think? I've got a poll in the right sidebar. Let me know! I'll be placing my order next Monday...


A big thanks to @georgesmithjr & Crocs! After you vote over in my sidebar come back and leave me a comment telling me what Crocs you would choose from their site (under $50 and pending availability) and you could win them! That's right... help me choose my shoes and you have a chance to win your own!

Share the love: RT @iatraveler Help me pick my #crocs & win a pair for yourself! #Blissdom09 http://bit.ly/JO8eu Thanks @georgesmithjr & #crocs! (No extra entries but it's nice to share...)

Contest ends Monday, March 9 at 10am. Open to US & Canadian resident only. Make sure you leave a contact email!


Anonymous 11:49 AM  

I voted for the brown ones. :)

Anonymous 12:19 PM  

Olivias because the women in the Office here at Crocs told me to tell you that...


Jody 12:23 PM  

OK, that made me laugh! The ladies must know best!

christi 1:03 PM  

i would have to choose the brown ones!

blessings ~

Amanda B. 4:11 PM  

I like the Celeste in canvas. I love the bright colors. I am going to have to look into buying some for myself as well.

Anonymous 4:48 PM  

The Olivia - they are super cute

Marie 6:54 PM  

the brown Olivias for you... the Scutes for me!

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life 7:19 PM  

For you...I voted for the brown Olivias. Super functional and cute. For me? I'd choose the Capri sandals because my swollen pregnant feet miiiggghhht fit in them, and they look comfy and cool for our GA summers.

Unknown 7:36 PM  

I like the Celeste Canvas shoes! Good luck deciding. I have two pairs of Crocs and love them!

Reiza 7:41 PM  

I voted for the brown ones, although I love the red/pink as well. I just think the brown would go with more plus they have a more classic look to them.

I'm shocked they have that many adult styles. I greatly dislike the traditional crocs, but some of those women shoes are CUTE. I had no idea.

For me, I'd go with the same as my choice for yours--the brown Olivias. They're cute and classic and they look like they'd go with a lot.
YiddishBitterRose at gmail dot com

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty 9:32 PM  

I like for you the Celeste in suede, for comfort. For me, I'd pick the top shelf leather


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty 9:34 PM  

Forgot to mention that I voted


Ginny 10:01 PM  

I voted for the brown ones! I'd pick the Capri Suede. I'm really loving the sydney!

Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 10:03 PM  

I'd go with either the pink or the animal print ones just because they are fun and because we all need a little fun in our lives - esp if the are FREE!

I had no idea crocs had ventured out to non-standard crocs. Interesting!

Brooke 12:25 AM  

I voted for the brown ones!

I love the Captiva crocs in pink and white for summer! How fun!

It looks like you guys are having tons of fun and I love the video below (the song)!


valerie2350 1:24 AM  

i voted for the brown ones

valerie2350 1:25 AM  

i'd like the mickey mammoth ones

noreen 1:44 AM  

patricia for me and brown for you

Sarah 5:40 AM  

I love the brown olivias but I also like the cabanas.

Deb 7:02 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deb 7:02 AM  

Okay, so I think you are anything but a plain colored shoe girl...go for the wild side with those leopard ones!!! You'll love your crocs! I have two pairs and I'd love to have a pair of the new Patricias!

Amanda B. 9:46 AM  

Well, since I had commented before the giveaway was up, I would choose the Celeste Canvas in Chocolate/Choco for me.

Wanda 11:14 AM  

What? Who knew? I had no idea that Crocs were available in cute shoes too.
I love the Sydney, Sassari, and a few others.

I gotta have em now.

You should go with the cute chocolate pair. Love them. I'm not a big fan of leopard...but those are sweet too.

Heather@justdoingmybest 2:51 PM  

I voted for the Olivia brown.

I ordered the brown/pink Cyprus(even cuter IRL)from Blissdom but I think if I were order another pair, I would also try the Olivia.

Anonymous 3:19 PM  

I have the Malindi Leopards and they RAWK so that's what I am voting for. But since I already have them, for myself I'd get the Olivia! I want them baaaaaaad.

Brandy 3:19 PM  

I love the Oliva Flats.

EatPlayLove 3:43 PM  

Malindi leopard flats all the way! They are fun & vibrant! I also own celeste suedes, they're great as well. I don't need an entry just wanted to share!

Carolyn Sharkas 4:42 PM  

I love the Olivia, I have several pairs of Crocs that I wear daily, I love them.

thanks for sharing

ceashark at aol dot com

Tempest52 7:59 PM  

For you I voted for the Olivia, as I'm a brown fan. For myself, I'd love a sturdy slip-on like the Yukon in brown.

dlcwin AT gmail DOT com

Unknown 8:41 PM  

Love the Capri Suede flip flops in brown and seafoam! Too cute and would be great at the beach!


LissaL 11:17 PM  

I voted for the Celeste in canvas they are fun,bright & perfect for summer. For myself I am thinking about the same or maybe:
Top Shelf Leather
YOU by crocs™ straight up leather- stir things up in this sexy spin on the classic mary jane!
Ooo la la!


Managed Chaos 7:53 AM  

Wow...when did Crocs start making cute shoes?!?!? I think the brown Olivia's are cute, but I'd pick the Bali You flats...adorable!


Grace 8:41 AM  

I chose the Olivias for you. I think the design is fantastic and I really lusted after them when they were first released.

But if I won, I'd want the Malindis in mango! :)

(twitter: shiningeyes)

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations 8:43 PM  


Love the beach for me.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Chris, Renae & Annie 9:33 PM  

I love the Malindi leopard flats - and you could so pull them off!

If I could choose any shoes, I would want the Patra in black/black because summer, I'm praying, is just around the corner!

Terra May 10:52 PM  

I had no idea Crocs made so many different shoes. Eye opener for sure! My kids love their crocs too! I chose the brown flats for you. I think I would pick the Cyprus in black for me.

Terra May 10:53 PM  

I forgot to give you my email. It's tararmay@hotmail.com

Cindy B.of Montana 11:23 PM  

I voted for the Olivia brown ones only because they seemed the most sensible if you had to chose only one pair. Me....I'm going for the Cape Cods! But please don't make me pick a color right now, I love all of them and there's no use going through that agony unless I win!!!

Anonymous 11:57 AM  

I like the olivia flats in black. Lots of great ones to choose from, I've never had a pair of crocks.
vickers at comcast dot net

Tori 8:50 PM  

I voted for the brown Olivias for you because they are totally practical and classier than the other choices. I would get the same shoe, but in black because my shoes are almost always black....

What a great idea. Cool post.

Unknown 7:56 AM  

Malindi! They make any lady's feet look cute. My Adaras are the most comfy sandal flops evah and I still throw on my Mary Janes for quick trips to the store, etc.

I blogged twice about 3 of my 5 pairs of Crocs (w/pics):



You really can't go wrong no matter which style you choose though :)

Boots 9:45 AM  

I like the Olivias for you, but I have to go with Top Shelf Leather for me. I suppose if I wanted something more practical, I would go with the Olivia as well, but I can't resist a cute heel. Close 2nd place would go to Lena.

fivewinks 5:03 PM  

I voted for the brown ones. I'm not much for animal print either. The bright colored ones were really adorable, but I always seem to fall for practical. Now those orange ones out of the price range, those are so great! I'd love a pair of those. They almost seem like an alternative neutral.

rubynreba 1:22 PM  

I voted for the red celeste slip one in canvas.
For me I would pick the chocolate trailbreak

Andrea Hatfield 1:41 PM  

I voted for the brown Olivia's.
I would choose them in black for myself.

MaggieM 6:00 PM  

I voted for the Brown Olivia Flats for you. For me, definitely the Nickelodeon Dora Flowers Kid's Cayman! Both of my granddaughters love Dora the Explorer! If I win, I'd have to purchase a pair for the other granddaughter to avoid any fights breaking out, lol!


auntrene 9:05 PM  

I was voter number 51. Yeah!!!
The Crocs that I like are the Gabby in Cotton Candy they would be for my niece who is 7. So I would have to check with her because she would probably want the Pittsburgh Steeler Crocs.
Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
And the fun of picking out the new pair of shoes... good luck

Kara 7:43 AM  

I liked the brown ones!!! Hey are so cute!! kara(dot)hadley(at)yahoo(dot)com

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