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May I Interest You in Some Tea?

>> Friday, March 27, 2009


So, in two months our elected officials and our President have spent more money than the entire US grosses in a year. Timothy Geithner has requested the ability to take over any financial company he thinks is failing (because, you know, he did so well with the whole AIG bailout). California is looking to ban black cars because of the energy it takes to cool them (I'm guessing dark blues and greens will be swept into this as well). Under Obama's cap & trade plan "energy costs will necessarily skyrocket".

Is this what you voted for (I didn't!)? Have you had enough of this abuse of power? If you're like me you've called the offices of your elected officials (some aren't so pleasant), sent them letters, or picked them apart online. Have they heard you yet? I wonder...

If you're in the Des Moines area (or just want to drive in and join up) and you're sick of all the "taxation without representation" consider yourself invited to the Tax Day Tea Party. If you're in another state go to the Tax Day Tea Party site to find a location near you.

We will be in Massachusetts and plan to head into Boston for the third Boston Tea Party. (Did you know there were two before? Yep, the one we've all read about, and a second one, March 7, 1774.)

Don't forget your video cameras- local media probably won't cover the Tea Party; they will instead focus on the small band of protestors.

If you tweet I suggest following #tcot.

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Amy 11:51 AM  

I am signed up for the one in Des Moines in April!!!! Thanks for the reminder. Miss you guys

Leah 7:34 PM  

YES! My family and I are definitely signed up for the L.A. Tea Party! Of course, our intention is to be part of the SAN DIEGO TEA PARTY as well!

We just keep fighting the good fight!

LOL (Lots Of Love),

Follow me @leahita on TWITTER
I am finally following you! : )))

Birdie 12:52 PM  

Did you go???

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