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Loads of Hope

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Iowa we know quite a bit about natural disasters. Sure, we don't get the media attention on places like New Orleans when Katrina hit but I'm pretty sure the devastation of the Parkersburg tornado was at least equal to it- if not more devastating as the town was, quite literally, wiped off the map.

Since we are on the verge of spring, when most large storms happen in my part of the country, I want to share a little on how Tide (the laundry detergent) helps during crisis. They have a program called "Loads of Hope", which brings a bit of normalcy into affected areas. I know that bringing in a semi filled with mobile washing machines or a van to provide help to local laundromats may seem trivial as you read this. But, when everything is upside down, clean clothes and a sense of normalcy matter.

Where it all started

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the need for clean clothing became critical, and Tide found a way to help. So in November 2005, the Tide Loads of Hope truck headed to Camp Hope in the Metairie, LA area and cleaned over 10,000 loads of laundry. The spirit of this first venture informs and inspires everything Tide Loads of Hope program does.

Tide Loads of Hope truck:

*32 high-effiency washers and dryers stationed on the truck
*Can do 300 wash and dry cycles a day - equal to one year's worth of laundry for a single family
*Will wash about 9,000 loads of laundry over a four-week period
*Leveraged during massive disasters where electricity is unavailable in the region

Tide Loads of Hope vans:

*In partnership with a local laundromat, the Tide Loads of Hope vans provide free laundry service at the same load rate as the trucks
*Leveraged during disasters

How you can help:

You can purchase Tide's "Loads of Hope" vintage T's for $20. Shirts are in both men's and women's styles and come in blue, green, red & yellow.

Created in soft cotton, this limited edition vintage tee not only shows your sense of style - it shows your heart. All profits will go towards recovery efforts for families affected by disaster around the country.

This shirt features the Tide bull's eye on the front and "Loads of Hope" on the back.

Many of us have seen devastation first hand and want to help but aren't sure how. Tide's Loads of Hope gives you the chance to help bring a bit of normalcy into the midst of devastation.

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Jill 1:57 PM  

I so agree about devastation and the media. If someone loses their home, they lose their home...no matter if it's in Iowa (where it basically gets overlooked) or NOLA. I am so OVER the Katrina thing. And still so sad about P'burg, a mere 20 miles from where I grew up.

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