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My New Crocs

>> Monday, March 09, 2009

Wow... With a resounding 68% of the vote (and the favorite of the ladies in the Crocs office) I will be ordering the Olivia in brown. Thanks to everyone for their votes!

And the winner of the free pair of Crocs (up to $50 and in stock) is:

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Timestamp: 2009-03-09 15:01:42 UTC

Congratulations to
MaggieM said...

I voted for the Brown Olivia Flats for you. For me, definitely the Nickelodeon Dora Flowers Kid's Cayman! Both of my granddaughters love Dora the Explorer! If I win, I'd have to purchase a pair for the other granddaughter to avoid any fights breaking out, lol!

I guess you'll be buying an additional pair of Crocs! @GeorgeSmithJr will be in contact with you soon!


Paula Reece 6:43 PM  

Love those! How sad is it that I can't even remember what I ordered? Guess I'll be surprised!

MaggieM 11:45 PM  

Thank you Jody! I'm so excited! Yes, now I'll have to buy a second pair of the Nickelodeon Dora Flowers Kid's Cayman! Maybe Mr. Smith will allow me to use the whole $50 credit? Because I'm going to have to buy a second pair in a size 9 for "big sister" or fights will break out! LOL! Hugs, Maggie

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