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My Girls' New Favorite Restaurant

>> Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm afraid my girls may go into shock when we leave Massachusetts. Not from leaving the cozy ocean front house. Not from the great commuter trains and boats they look forward to taking. Not even from the exploring we do every weekend.

No, when we leave Massachusetts my girls are going to miss their new favorite restaurant. Which they have eaten at a total of two times. Two. And now every day I hear about how they want to go to Friendly's.

And it's not because of the food. Which is actually pretty good. And the prices aren't bad; a kid's meal is $4.99. And can include pink milk! An adult can order a full meal for $9.99. (One kid's meal is big enough for them to share, and an adult meal is big enough for Doug & I, so it's also pretty economical).

And by meal I mean entree, drink and ice cream sundae of your choice. And not a teeny ice cream sundae, but a really, really good one. Which may or may not be a clown with an ice cream cone hat or a monster made of mint chocolate chip ice cream with peanut butter cup horns.

Is it any wonder that my girls love it? And end up looking like this after eating?

Oh, the simple joys of being a kid...


Anonymous 6:06 AM  

Fun times! Can't wait to see you all; looking forward to the quick trip out.

The Fritz Facts 6:40 AM  

How fun! I love restaurants that cater to kids and families like that. Pink Milk...Boo would love that.

Marie 6:44 AM  

Oh yes! That is the favorite here too... in fact we're going there tonight for Kevin's birthday! His choice of course.

Anonymous 1:28 PM  

I lived in upstate New York growing up and we had those. We loved going. And when my brother turned 16 ... he worked there. :)

Anonymous 8:13 PM  

Glad the girls are enjoying the adventure in Boston...and you, too!

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