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I Think Capital One May Have Read Iowa Geek... (aka Credit Card Rewards)

>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Because I don't recall contacting them about my rewards issue. If you recall I was lamenting that I hadn't accumulated enough rewards to actually "earn" anything as the smallest "cost" was 5000 miles and I only had 2173.

Today I got a call from Capital One. Again, I don't recall sending them an email about this issue. The very helpful representative said that she understood that I was "having a problem redeeming points" before I closed my account.

"Yes," I said, "the lowest value is 5000 and I don't have that many."

"We can just send you a check for the value of the points," she replied. "They are worth 1%, so we will send a check out for $21.73 today and close your account if you wish."

I said that would be great and thanked her.

No, it's not much, but I am impressed all the same. Those miles really aren't worth anything to me and Capital One didn't have to call and let me know they could convert them to cash. I'm pretty sure that if I had just closed my account online that those miles would have just disappeared. So, kudos, Capital One. That's good customer service.

Now, if I could only remember if I contacted them about this or not. 'Cuz I really don't remember doing so...


Sally 4:34 PM  

Hmm, weird. Maybe they stalk blogs to see if people say things about them.

Anonymous 11:56 PM  

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