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Obama reaches out to France

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

President Obama sent a love note to Jacques Chirac of France. That's all well and good, however, the current President of France is Nicolas Sarkozy and he's NOT HAPPY. Not happy at all.

Pretty soon, we'll be talking about "former ally" France and "former ally" Britain, along with "former allies" Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Czech Republic, Pakistan, India, Canada, Japan...

Who have I missed? Ah, the lovely "overcharge" moment with Russia...

You have to see what Obama's Teleprompter says:

Somebody poked him on this story and the TOTUS responded thusly:


Obamas Teleprompter at 10:35pm March 22


Its FRANCE ok...heck - even I have trouble stomaching those surrender moneys...its not like he insulted the UK or embarrased himself with Russia...I mean c'mon...FRANCE

BTW - I have to tell you. I had to talk him off the idea of sending the Statue of Liberty back to them...he's just not that into it...I'm not either but it would look bad. Warm Regards TOTUS **


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