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The Boats of Boston

>> Sunday, March 01, 2009

Saturday was a perfect day for exploring- sunny and 40 degrees. If the wind had died down it would have been perfect.

I'm calling Saturday our boat day as we were on boats for most of the day. We began by taking a commuter ferry into Boston Harbor. Wow. So much better than the trains. Comfy, not crowded, quiet... And you could even buy popcorn, which excited the girls to no end. You would have thought they'd never had popcorn before.

After our small snack on the ferry we had lunch at the Black Rose, our favorite restaurant so far. Doug enjoyed his bangers & mash, I had a Reuben. Then we went back to the harbor to catch another boat- this one to the Boston Navy Shipyard. Where we toured the USS Constitution.

and the USS Cassin Young, a WW II destroyer.

I have to tell you... Even though the girls could have honestly cared less about these ships they were so good and patient. The open rooms on the destroyer were especially fascinating to them- the kitchen had a mixer about 25x bigger than my Kitchen Aid, but the girls knew just what it was. And the "doctor's room" fascinated Brenna.

After our tours and a run through of the USS Constitution museum (with a stop in the gift shop where I found a new favorite thing) we hit Faneuil Hall for a snack/dinner before catching our ferry back home.

Sunday was a lazy day. We were lazy as it's snowing and icy. We left the house for a while in the afternoon to run a couple errands. Then it was back home for cuddling and movies.

Right now it's snowing and schools are already being canceled. Forecast is 5-8 inches tonight and an additional 4-6 tomorrow. Hunh... I'm guessing that may shut things down here...


Anonymous 8:12 AM  

How awesome! You have so many wonderful things to see and do there and are learning so much!

I'm jealous. Ok - I've said that like, 12 time by now in emails and such haven't I? LOL.

You do seem like "East Coast" kind of people though. I have a feeling you fit in just fine and are going to love it there so much you'll not want to leave. :)

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