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The Great Scam

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lorie Byrd lays it out

In a related post, President Obama has snubbed 2 more good trading partners and friendly countries.

Wait until he insults the Chinese. They have a long memory and over a $trillion$ dollars of US Treasury Bonds. It would be much cheaper for them to devalue the bonds than to go to war. Or, devalue the bonds, we can't afford to fight (since we have budget deficits and no one left to willingly lend us money at a loss) and have North Korea resume military operations against the South. We can't afford to send men and materiel over to the Korean Peninsula, so China formally annexes Taiwan. Then the fun really begins.

Jody inputs:
I really like this Michelle Maklin piece from the NY Post.

UPDATE from Doug: Will President Obama return the "bonus" check HE received from AIG?

Powerlineblog has some good commentary, especially the last paragraph. It's almost as if it is not really about stimulus and more about control...or something.


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