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Where Would You Stay?

>> Thursday, August 09, 2007

That time is coming again. The time when Doug and I try to decide if we are going to visit his family this year. We don’t do it every year but I feel like we should as they all live around Dallas. I’m not sure why but a trip to Dallas just doesn’t give me the same feeling as a trip to, oh, Ireland or the UK.

So begins the search. Do we fly or drive? If we drive do we attempt to go straight through (with a newly potty trained toddler and a baby who is getting ready to toddle) or do we break it up into two days? And is that logical considering a two day driv there and back really only leaves us two days there?

And then there are the hotel choices. We need more than a “regular” hotel room but we don’t want to pay for it. So I turn to a new Hotel Reservations website. I type in “Dallas” and here come my options… Lots of options. And the rates seem to be lower than the competitors. I’m seeing a 4 star hotel for $99 a night- with the 5th night free. And since I’ve actually stayed at this brand before –and paid over $250 a night- I’m almost giddy.

Another option, I’m thinking, could be meeting on “neutral ground”. Branson is almost 6 hours from all of us. HotelReservations.com has vacation rentals, as well. Now that would be handy. Everyone in their own condo or cabin. We could do our own thing and then get together for meals or shows. Good “together” time without having too much of it.

With the handy destination guide I can begin planning things to entertain the girls. Let’s see… I’m thinking animals, puppets, a show with lots of dancing and sparkly costumes (probably not hard to find…), mini golf could be a possibility…


JManning 9:02 AM  

Love your blog - I can relate, all of our relatives are in Massachusetts.

Based on this hellish year for air travel, drive if you can. The Branson solution sounds good. Best of luck.


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