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Five Years Ago

>> Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I was thinking the other day... Wondering, really, how my life went from one extreme (single, in the Twin Cities, stressful job I hated but made some good cash) to the other (married, suburban mom in Iowa, stressful job I love). How, exactly did I get here? And how has my life come to revolve around potty training and diaper changing?

Then I realized that all the changes began about 5 years ago.

Five years ago I was itching to get away from the Twin Cities. I hated my job but felt trapped. I couldn't go back into what I was trained for (tendonitis in my right hand stopped my cosmetology career) and I hadn't a clue what I wanted to do. I had interests, but found that I liked learning about things more than actually doing them once I learned. And going back to school meant staying in a job I needed to be out of for at least 2 more years.

So I did what I had been dreaming of for years... I booked a trip to Ireland. Alone. And I think it was that step that opened me up for the changes that followed.

Not long after I booked that trip I met Doug (re-met Doug, for those of you who know our long history) at my sister's house. And a couple of weeks after that we had our first date.

Two months after that I left for Ireland. And wished Doug were with me.

After 6 months of long distance dating we had "the talk". Because long distance relationships are difficult. It was time to fish or cut bait.

I sold my house, made a tidy profit, and moved to Iowa. Doug & I married about 13 months after our first date. And Brenna was born one year and two days later. The pieces, when they line up, just fall into place, I guess.


Doug H 10:45 PM  

I'm glad it does. I've never been happier.

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